Author: Wintervacht

15 Aug Meet Studio RYN

5 years ago at the kitchen table of Yoni’s mom, the label Wintervacht was born. Now we are ready for a new step, we found the perfect collaboration partner: Studio Ryn. Studio RYN is a collaboration of education (Rijn IJssel), multiple cultural and social partners and...

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Save the date! On Wednesday 12 October Vogue Nederland will host another Vogue Online Shopping Night - 12 oktober 2016! All Vogue readers will receive a discount code for this one-night-only online shopping event. And guess what? With your Vogue discount code you will get 20% discount on...

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19 Aug Fun fact

Did you know that we give each Wintervacht coat an own signature? Every blanket pin gets an small round lead just like they did in the old days. Here you can make sure your Wintervacht is really Wintervacht....

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